Green Sergeant Covered Bridge

This is one of my favorite architectural photos from 2012. I get many comments about it, but what makes it really special is that it is a place where I would play as a small boy. Not in the bridge of course but rather under and around the bridge and up and and down the creek bed. The bridge is located about a mile from the farm I grew up on. Many times I would see an artist set up sketching or painting the bridge. And as a child I never really understood why they were there. It is a bridge, I ride my bicycle through it, my school bus goes through it everyday… what’s the big deal. Even when I first got into photography I would ride through it and not give it much thought. “It is the last standing covered bridge in New Jersey you know,” many people say this all the time.

Ok so now I like many, many others go and photograph the bridge. I go at least once a year in the autumn season and sometimes in the snow. I love going and just sitting there under the bridge and listening to the traffic rumble across the timber floor above. Funny how even with time some things never change. That rumble sounds just as it did in 1972… I can still see the yellow bicycle with one pedal and my friend John with our bags of penny candy that we bought from Venable’s  store. So while it makes a nice photo for the viewers of my blog, that old bridge is so much more to me. I think everyone has that special place they can visit that will bring back all those fun memories.

Read more about  and some video

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