Just Having Fun While Having Fun


Just having fun.

Having fun! That is what photography is all about. Yes for me it is a business too. But just having fun with photography is a down right blast. Making a fun photo like this one and posting it to Facebook makes everybody happy. It is silly, yet interesting at the same time.

My wife & I were hiking at Big Pocono State Park in Pennsylvania, we were at the very peak of the mountain. There isn’t really much there to photograph and what is there I have already shot at least a dozen times. There is the view, but as you can see in the background is was very hazy. There are picnic tables, a parking lot, signs, some birch trees a small building and that is about it. But as I was hiking up to the parking lot (it was off season and the road was closed) I was running through my mind all the elements I knew were there, and how I could come home with at least one interesting photo. As I entered into the parking area I noticed a picnic table off to the side and because the ground elevated a little, the table top was almost eye level. Bingo! I said to my wife “stand on the table.” I took maybe 3 shots and that was it, I had my winner for the day.

Sure I continued to shoot other things. I had my tripod and did some HDR of the birch trees and I photographed a tourist helicopter (to be used in Photoshop later). Took some photo of us standing with the dog and then we moved on.  I knew going there I would more than likely not find anything interesting. Maybe I would get lucky and find an interesting person/people but that did not happen, we were the only ones there. But still I held out hope for a fun photo for the day. And when all else fails and there are no interesting things, well… make your own. So we did.

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