Nighttime HDR

Hunterdon Concrete  HDR Nighttime



Ok so I have never really tried nighttime HDR. Or at least I have not tried it yet. But here is my Photoshop version of an HDR daytime shot. Funny thing is… after playing around for a while in Photoshop trying to get the lighting the way I wanted, but to no real satisfaction. I had to just settle for a less then satisfying nighttime lighting effect. That is until I moved over to Lightroom 4 and started to play with my preset library. This has happened to me in the past, I’d  just been playing with the preset library and stumbled upon a preset that made the image look just the way I wanted or sometimes even better. I think it looks good. Your feedback is always welcome, so feel free.

Back story on the photo: This old abandon concrete plant sits just off route 202, South of Flemington, NJ. When the building boom ended so did the concrete business. I shot this as a secondary project while waiting for an old steam engine train to come down the tracks. Did a 5 shot bracket, 2 up & 2 down, run it through HDR Pro and came out with a really nice HDR.

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