Prelude To The Boys Of Summer

Unknown racer, but a cool shot. Love the roost coming up behind him.

Yes it is that time of year, the robins are back… I’ve been watching them from my window for a week or so now. And sure I had seen some spring flowers pushing their way through the soggy ground. But for me… when I hear the whining of a 250cc dirt bike, yes spring is in the air. I do not ride anymore and haven’t in a long time, but that sound takes me back to a place & time in my mind when life was so reckless… and yes fun. This is a photography blog and I could talk about camera settings and lighting and all that boring stuff. But I’d rather talk about how much fun it was this past Sunday to get out and go down to the motocross track and see… ahh it’s still there just as I had left it all those years ago. Just like it always was, as you approach from out on the road you can see the colorfully dressed gladiators flying up above ground level with grace, style and sheer madness as they muscle their machines around the muddy race track. Yes it’s always muddy in the spring. Fun! It was much fun to photograph colorful moving targets. And just to satisfy those who do want to know, here were my settings for most of the shoot.

ISO 100 when the sky was bright & ISO 200 when the sky was dim.

f/8 for all of the on track shots

Shutter would vary a bit from 1/250 sec to 1/1000 sec.

I’m happy to say nothing much has changed. Having been away from that scene for several years the racers appear the same. Most were tough and gutsy guys and some so, so small. Those little guys on their 8occ bikes looked so dam cool. We met up with a guy named Harlan and his friends. They were down from New York State, Albany area to be exact. Cool guys just out to have fun, but serious racers nonetheless. And that is what I remember most about my motocross days, yes we were out to have fun, but it was serious fun, lots of money, time, blood, sweat & yes tears went into that sport as it still does today. So glad it’s still there for me to enjoy. Although now I enjoy the sport through a lens.

Thanks for reading.




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