Raceway Park Motocross 3/23/13

Ok everybody I’m editing like crazy here at Reckless Pixel. I hope to have galleries up by later tonight and for sure by tomorrow night. I hope I got a nice shot of you or better yet several nice shots of you. For those who do not know me my name is Richie Smith Jr, photographer/photographic artist from Hunderdon county NJ. Business is slow right now so I take my camera and go find stuff to shoot. I had fun today and last Sunday as well. I did not stay long at the track today because I have a fat banging head cold. I was dying the whole time I was there, but I wanted to get the shots. Sorry for those who tried to talk to me, I literally had no voice at all, and to make matters worse my assistant hurt her leg yesterday and… yeah some times life just sucks. But hey there were a lot of smokin’ rides out there today and some guys were looking awesome. I am professional Photoshoper and I do all kinds of illustrations with my photos. Hey listen I have about 1100 photos to sort through so I’ve gotta go. You can all so message me on Facebook

Photos do cost money. Like dirt bikes cameras & good lenses come at a premium as does all the time editing.

Photos listed here will be $5 for the first and $2 for each additional.

Custom Facebook Time Line Cover photos like the one below are $25 each. They are custom sized for Facebook and a space left blank for your profile photo in the lower left. (Se the example of Harlan Hoose below.

Want a a montage or custom work email me at rich@rgsmithphotography.com.

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