They’ll Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands

These are the kind of shots that makes having a good lens worth having. I love my EF 70-200mm for many reasons, but shots like this are so awesome. I love the lens for other reasons too. For faces it is my go to lens. By far it is my most favorite lens. Before I purchased the lens I read all the reviews and did all the research as anyone would do when purchasing a high dollar piece of equipment. One thing that kept coming back to haunt me were a few recurring statements from some pro photographer reviews. When reading reviews on this lens, a few people wrote statements like “why does this lens cost so much? Because it is worth it” or “Spend the extra money, you’ll be glad you did. Really… you’ll be glad you did” And then there is the fact that the lens is weather sealed to keep out the elements and cheaper lenses are not sealed.

So in the end I was happy I did spend the extra money. I now can tell anyone “yes this lens is expensive, but yes it is so worth it.” After a day of shooting at a motocross track and coming home covered with dust and the equipment is covered with dust, I am so happy the lens is weather sealed.

I remember the first shot I took  with this lens, I mean the very first shot. I put the lens on the camera and took a shot of my wife, just a simple shot, no posing, nothing special kind of shot. I looked at the display and I thought “wow that is a nice shot.” Then later that night when I downloaded and that first shot appeared on my monitor. Well that is when I knew this lens was worth the money. The only way I’ll give it up is if they pry it from my cold dead hands.

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