Bethlehem Baptist Church Ruins (Union Twp NJ)

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The Bethlehem Baptist Church ruins are located just off route I-78 East at exit 11. They sit at the beginning of Baptist Church Road. Very easy to access as the ruins are very close to the road. You will not find too much history about the church. We know the church was closed as a church in 1906. When first built it was the only Baptist church in the area. As more churches were built and people didn’t have to travel as far the congregation dwindled and the church was abandon. As the story goes: later the copper gutter work was stolen from along the roof and it is believed that due to the lack of the rain gutters and time the walls weakened and the roof collapsed. Then at some point the structure became the victim of arson.
But still a very popular focal point for many area photographers. While I was shooting my set you see here there were two young ladies shooting as well. I would much rather see a preserved old church, then see ruins. I’m sure it was a beauty in it’s day. It has a very well kept graveyard that is maintained by descendants of it’s occupants.

I have shot this location years ago but in revisiting I was focused more this time on taking some HDR as well as regular photos. And in post process I was looking for an effect that would go in the vein of the age of the church.

So if you happen to find yourself on I-78 at exit 11 and you want to get some photos of the ruins it is very easy and quick. You can not really see the ruins from the highway but they sit literally a few hundred yards from the back hidden by a tree line. If taking the Eastbound exit and going towards Baptist Church road they sit in plain view.

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3 thoughts on “Bethlehem Baptist Church Ruins (Union Twp NJ)

  1. HiI just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed your write-up and images of the old Baptist Church and Graveyard.I have done a fair amount of shooting there myself and it is always fun to look at others and go “)h That’s a great POV!” I work at the Foster Wheeler building in Perryville corp park not a mile fro the Church…I look at that church every morning and every afternoon and never get tired of looking at it. Thanks for your mice post an images…All the Best – Denny Jump – denny jump photo 🙂

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  2. Hey thanks so much for reading the post and commenting. Yes the old church is certainly an interesting place. I grew up in Hunterdon County and always seen the church passing it for many years. I always remember it in a ruined state, although when I was younger in the early 70’s it still had a roof and was mostly intact. When I did the blog post a friend of mine who is about 10 years older than me called me on the phone and said he seen my post and started recounting his childhood memories of playing in the old church. It was abandoned but still an enclosed structure. He lived not to far away and he and his friends would ride their bikes there and play. He could remember in detail the decor of the inside and told me there were still seats and bibles scattered about. There were stair cases and a beautiful balcony. As you could imagine for an 8 year old boy it was and adventurous place.


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  3. Hi, Richard,is it? Thanks for your great message here- yah I walk around the grounds when I am there often and I think of how it might have been. I stand by the collapsed wall and look up at the vines and weeds etc and think back. This time of year and in the autumn I try to stop often and get blossoms and church as background and cemetery and just whatever strikes me at the moment. Many times I go there on my lunch hour which I’d, of course, crumby for shooting but oh well 😀 anyway thank you so very much and feel free to give me a shout whenever. I don’t post much on Word Press yet but plan to start sometime soon . I do some posting on Aminus 3 (aka “AM3”) which is a nice friendly blog with really gentle people- not many jerks . Anyway there I go again will let you go but thanks again and chime anytime 😎 all the best. – Denny Jump Easton, Pa


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