Fly With The Eagles


Fly like an eagle. When I watch the eagles fly I notice they just seem to be for the most part on their own. Just cruising like they have a plan, like they know where they are going. They never seem to be distracted. I love to watch eagles fly, one of the most precious things for me.

I love this photo so much. On a personal level it is a very special photo because it is a place I like to visit on my birthday each year. On or about my birthday alone or not I will head up to Hawk Mountain. Just to sit and reflect. Most times while I’m there I will see an eagle maybe several over the course of the afternoon. What an awesome sight.

This was shot with a Canon T1i with a 18-55mm lens. It was edited in Lightroom 3 (no photoshop). The Lightroom edit was just a Landscape preset I had made myself and had never used on any photo until this one came along. RAW from the camera it looked flat and blah. I tried a few adjustments but nothing  seemed to work. Then when all else fails I go to my presets. I ran through about 10, then I hit what you see here. Done! And I looks just as awesome as a 16X20 on aluminum in my livingroom.

1/250 sec f/10 ISO 100 18mm

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