Blind Lady & Little Girl

1/100 sec f/5.6 ISO 100 70mm

1/100 sec f/5.6 ISO 100 70mm

Today’s blog post finds us visiting the black & white image of “The Blind Lady & The Little Girl.” On my last trip to Thailand I shot many things from landscapes to faces, parades and documentary. But the photography that was most special to me was the everyday life in and around the village of Bhan Kamin. I shot enough photographs to keep me happy editing until I travel there again later this year (hopefully). While visiting the blind lady as my wife does when she is back in her home village, a little girl showed up for a visit as well. Maybe related to the blind lady? I’m not sure. Although I do know she was there to help the blind lady. When moments like this are happening I try not to get involved, but rather let what is going to happen, just happen. I seen the little girl coming down the street from several meters away. It was very picturesque as she was toiling with an umbrella, very reminiscent to the scene on a box of Morton salt. The umbrella shot will be posted here in the future. And At some point I will put the whole series together in one post. I could see by her eyes that she was very shy. She wanted to be there but she was very quiet. More than likely she was quiet because I was a big caucasian man and for many small Thai children I look strange to them. I did get a small smile from her but not on camera. The camera made her even more shy.

For me, when editing for my own personal satisfaction and personal photography collection edits can be very slow. As I look again and again at a photo, all of the sudden I will see exactly what I want to do with it. After all we have so many options these days. Now with that said, once I perform and edit, I may wait a day or two, revisit the edit, but at some point I will say”done” and that will be where I stop. I may in the future (but rarely) go back and re-edit due to an advance in technology or software.

Here is video of my wife talking with the blind lady. It is all in Thai (sorry no subtitles). But I can tell you that when this video is viewed by Thai ladies the feedback I get is that everybody sees a little of their own grandmother in her.

Note: The blind lady was a very close friend to my wife’s mother. She lives directly across the street from where I was married at my mother-in-laws house. My mother-in-law has since passed on.

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