For Those Special Moments (sometimes the edit plays more of a role then the camera)

Just before the b&w conversion.

Just before the b&w conversion.



So this is what photography is all about. Capturing “that moment.” How many times have you heard that? As “you” the reader and viewer of this blog look at this final image… yes I know you see and Asian lady looking at a piece of paper. Nothing great, nothing special. It certainly isn’t gonna make the cover of Vogue, Time or People. But to “me” this photo means so much. And to the lady in the photo it probably means a lot. I say probably because she has not seen it yet. For me it was a very special moment to capture my wife’s niece as we sat in the waiting area at Don Muang airport. Jib is holding her very first plane ticket, waiting to board the plane. Again your first plane ride… yeah kind of special but… the fact that she is sitting there at all is the special part of the story. She had been in a horrible motorbike accident and nearly lost her life. Hit by a drunk driver and left with permanent damage  to her eye and face as well as other lasting problems. So yes this is a very special moment for us all to be together. She has come to Bangkok to greet me upon arrival and now we are all going to fly North to her home where we will stay. So now I will always have this little piece of our lives captured for remembrance. We all have those little moments that are so special but to others look normal or common place.

It was a bad shot… what else can I say. Having my DSLR packed away for flight, I just whipped out the old point & shoot. The Canon A640 is an awesome little camera that takes great shots. I have a few photos in my portfolio that were shot with this camera. But three quick hip shots of Jib, all were losers. And shot in JPEG no less. Here is this special moment and I lost it. Or did I? Through an intense edit from Lightroom to Photoshop CS6, Nik & Topaz software, back to Photoshop and back to Lightroom, I at least have something, not what I wanted but something worth saving.

Jib waiting to fly to Udon Thani.

So even after removing color cast (horrible red), the only route was to go with a Black & White conversion. If only it had been shot in RAW format… with JPEG there is only so much you can do. I wanted to save the photo because she was looking at her very first plane ticket and so happy and nervous to fly for the first time.
Canon Powershot A640
1/125 sec. f/3.5 ISO 233 12.565mm
Lighting applied in Photoshop
B&W conversion with Nik Silver Efex Pro
Special B&W tinting in Photoshop
Cropped in Lightroom
RG Smith

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