Jared (Illustration) “He Was Photoshopped”

Jared Illustration

Just a little Sunday morning fun in Photoshop. I had several new tools and actions that I wanted to test drive in Photoshop today. I had revamped my preferences settings and tweaked some other setting. I was also setting up a new custom working environment for editing. I have a few different environments for different types of edits. As one may… or may not know, Photoshop is an awesome piece of software, also a very complexed piece of software. In order to accomplish what I need to do in a timely fashion and to just make life easier, I from time to time access all the little things that bother me about the actual work environment of the program and then look for ways to make it work easier so it does not annoy me any more… or not as much. Kind of like a person with a workshop, and you have it all laid out just as you want for ease of working.

Photoshop is not a verb. It is a noun. It is the means to an end, not the end itself. – Vincent Versace

This is one of the most laughable things from the view of a person who uses Adobe Photoshop software (me). The word photoshop is now used by so many people in such a wrong way, it is like the Kleenex tissue. Often you will hear a person ask for a “Kleenex” when in fact all they really want is a tissue of any kind. That is kind of where Adobe Photoshop software stands today, but on a more laughable level if you are an actual user of the program. I hear people all the time say “I photoshop all my photos” or “I’ll just photoshop it” or the one that just kills me is when someone asks me “can you photoshop this?” My answer is “sure I can Photoshop it, but what is it you want me to do to it with Photoshop?” The reply: “just photoshop it… you know… fix it.” Then it gets even better because most of the people that tell me they “photoshop” their photos do not even have photoshop. They use a web based program (there are several) or they are using the program that came with their digital camera. And this is all ok I’m not saying that everyone must run out and buy Adobe photoshop, but rather what I am saying is “how did the word take on so many different meanings” and get so god awfully twisted. Twisted to the point that I never really know what someone is talking about unless of course I am talking to another person that actually uses Adobe Photoshop.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. The best is when I hear people say things like “yeah I use photoshop all the time, I’ve been using it for years” or “I’m an expert with photoshop” and many more idiotic statements. I say idiotic because some are using an old outdated version that would equate to you diving your great grandfathers car (yeah that 1952 Plymouth gets you down the road but not like a new car would).  And the so called “expert” who knows how to open Photoshop adjust contrast, brighten/darken, save and close the program. Wow.

Again I just do not know how it got so twisted. Stange. So as I hone all of my photography skills from camera, camera equipment, software, computers to doing the actual edits and let us not forget the business side of things or the people skills one must have (if you photograph people), it really is a journey. And like all journeys you sometimes stop at a resting spot and ponder, look back and then look forward. And then just move on. So as I move on I now just cringe when I hear someone say the word “Photoshop.”

Jared Illustration

One thought on “Jared (Illustration) “He Was Photoshopped”

  1. I delivered a print today of a photo merger and someone said, “Oh, you also DO Photoshop?!” And I accepted that comment like receiving a paper airplane with a bent wing thrown to me, straightened the wing, and threw it back replying, “I do indeed utilize photoshop. I used it to merge these two photos taken several years apart by laying them over each other like transparencies you would see in school.” Photography–one of the most misunderstood trades.


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