The Last Shot

1/60 sec f/2.8 ISO 200 125mm

1/60 sec f/2.8 ISO 200 125mm


This photo was shot in a Buddhist temple in the village of Bhan Kamin, Thailand. I have a whole set of photos of this lady. About 12 photos in all. She is a friend of my wife and I asked if I could take her photo, she was flattered and started to smile. So most all of the photos are of her in some various state of smiling. She is a nice looking lady and of course she has a wonderful smile as almost all Thai people do. Afterall Thailand is the “Land Of Smiles” or at least that is what the sign at the airport says. But this is not about the smile. When I first seen her as she entered the temple and took a place on the floor to get ready to pray she had this very peaceful look. So calm and relaxed, more than likely because she was in the mode of getting ready to do her ritual of prayer and giving food for the temple. But when she knew the camera was on her that look of calmness and relaxed mood slipped away. So I played it cool and I went through the motions of taking the standard photos of her smiling and talking with my wife. I shot slow taking my time and looking at the camera display as if I was checking the camera settings and waiting a little longer as I took each shot. With luck and a little persistence it was this last shot that she slipped right back into that look I seen when she first entered the temple. The look that caught my eye and the look I wanted to capture in an image. Of course it didn’t have to be the last shot, I could have kept shooting> But why? I had the shot I wanted and at some point I would become “that annoying guy with a camera” lol. I like the image I captured and it was what I really wanted, a very natural look of a lady getting ready to pray.


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