Socializing. Its Cheap, Its Easy To Do And Its Fun.

Nothing serious here, just a laid back blog post.

Tonight I want to talk about just good old fashioned socializing. Do people really do that? Well I hope so! As you may or may not know my wife is from Thailand and after arriving here in the USA one of my biggest fears was that she would not be able to find Thai friends. I know you’re thinking… well she is… in the USA why not make friends with American people? Sure she can make friends with Americans, but it is all about culture. While I was in her village in Thailand I noticed this very strong need to socialize. The form varies to a degree from just stopping by to chat with a neighbor to family and friends getting together for an evening of food and… well… just socializing. Not going to the bar or club, not going out to eat at a restaurant, but rather just getting together at someone’s house for food, fun & music.

My wife is a strong hearted woman, but after arriving in November of that year, there was the cold weather and lots of snow & ice, something she has never had to experience, I seen her start to falter as the months past. No, she did not want to go back to Thailand, and she could video talk with all her friends around the world. But she needed other Thai people. So one night it just happened. It was like winning the lottery. We walked into a Thai food shop and the lady refilling our water (shop owner) started to talk to my wife and literally in two minutes she had me on the phone with the president of a Thai persons social group. We were invited to a Valentine’s Day party (never knew of such a thing before) that was about two weeks away and we gladly accepted. As we left the food shop all my worries about my wife’s loneliness started to fade. We went to the party and it has been downhill ever since. As a matter of fact I am one of the photographers now for the social group THAINEPA. And I must say it is a lot of fun.

Yes a lot of fun… Not just the photography but meeting new people and making new friends and yes taking a lot of photos along the way. One thing I have noticed and people have seen me post this statement previously on my Facebook page and that is “the biggest hobby or most favorite past time of Thai ladies is socializing.” Nothing fancy, doesn’t cost too much but a whole lot of fun. It is just all about getting together, making their special food, singing and dancing, talking, loud talking, LOUDER talking… and did I mention talking. Yes at times it can sound like a gaggle of geese and I mean that in a good way. The guys have fun too. We do our thing and talk, have a beer or two and socialize like guys do, eat the food. But the ladies are just “amped” with energy the whole time. Amazing!

Socializing really is one of easiest things to do if you can find the time to do it. I myself am always on the go, but what fun it is to just relax and spend some time with friends and make new friends. One of the biggest joys for me is to see how happy these ladies are when they get together. The smiles and the laughter certainly are good for the soul. So I leave you with a few images of the ladies having fun at their last meeting. And please just find some time and socialize, get some friends together and have fun.

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