Scene from the perimeter trail at Kingwood,Park.

Scene from the perimeter trail at Kingwood,Park.


Contrast: So as the hot weather of late spring descends upon us and we start kicking on the air conditioning units and plugging in the fans, let us take a quick glimpse four months back in time and think about how we were scraping ice off the windshield in the morning, carrying in the firewood for the evening, shoveling snow… Contrast: Today the girls are showing their legs, cars with the top taken down, lot of bicyclists, joggers, dog walkers… Memorial Day weekend is coming and the summer season will be in full swing at the Jersey shore.

The shot above is a scene one would see while walking around the perimeter trail of Kingwood Park, in Kingwood Township, NJ. Nothing really special about this scene, just the fact it depicts the cold of winter. As the weather warms and our layers of clothing go away, I look at this photo it just seems almost surreal that the day I shot it I was shaking with numb fingers and steaming my viewfinder trying to get the shot. Contrast is amazing.


One thought on “Contrast

  1. Nice frosty shot 🙂 I keep icy pics as wallpaper on my computers during the summer. Helps cool me down.

    I took this on a February morning near the base of the Eastern Sierras.


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