Retouching: It Should Not Have Been There

Before & After

Before & After


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So once again we are going to visit the world of photo retouching. Several weeks’ back I had posted about “when or when not to retouch”. But todays little project is really a no brainer. But first let’s get you up to speed as to, “what is a photo retoucher?” And I really do not know if retoucher is the proper terminology for it, but that is what most people are calling it these days. Who knows what they’ll call it next week.

For me when I so call “retouch” a photograph it is usually in the form of taking something that is unpleasant away from the photo that just should not have been there in the first place. It could be a blemish or a facial sore, but more so it is other things such as we are going to see here with our groom. Retouching for me is usually in some form of reconstruction.

So here is what we have. This groom had a very busy and fast paced morning. He had the daunting task of getting the area where the wedding reception was to be held all prepped, set up & ready. He had help, but he was running around like a one legged man in an ass kickin’ contest. He and his bride were on a budget and he and his family & friends were the wedding set up crew. And I must say he did a wonderful job. And he gave Jessie his bride the freedom to not be involved this so she could go and do… well you know… what brides do before the ceremony. And that paid off tenfold because Jessie looked like a million bucks.

Any who let’s get back to the retouching. In all the craziness his suit had white spots, lint or something. When I shot the photo I did not even notice it myself. But the good ole 70-200mm lens seen it and captured it for the world to see. So I had to remove it. It should not have been there and it looked horrible. He also had a few facial blemishes, not anything real bad, but hey it’s a wedding photo so let’s give him a little boost.

But the real big issue here was that dam flash on the eyeglasses. Now that is a problem. But through some handy dandy Photoshop work his eyeglasses came out good. Not perfect, but good. Somehow I felt they needed just a few tiny imperfections to make the photo not look too retouched or over edited. I’m not going to go into detail on how I did the eyeglass retouch because most of my blog readers are not retoucher nor do they aspire to be. They don’t use Adobe CS6 so there really is no need to explain. And besides I am not a good teacher.


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