Did You Know You Are An Artist?

I don’t like to use my blog to bash too many things but today’s topic is actually very funny. There is a website called 500px.com where photographers or anybody for that matter can go and put up a portfolio of their photographs. People can view them and with the owners permission anyone can buy them. Most of the stuff for sale is for large prints that would be put to canvas, mostly landscapes but a lot of other stuff too.

Ok so lets look at this a little closer and let me relate to you what my experiences was at http://www.500px.com Some time back I received a like for this site via email and I went to check it out. Now mind you this was when I thought it ok to put a small portfolio of work on the web and on a third party site. The only portfolios I have now are on my own domains and they are watermarked and digitally watermarked. No I did not have anybody steal my work that I know of, but what did happen to me was so pathetically childish. As soon as you post something to your account it also goes to a link called “Fresh” where other members can see it and of course you can click a heart icon to say I like it. So here’s where it gets effing stupid. I post something and instantly I get an email telling me somebody commented on my photo and this goes on & on everytime I post a photo. But every one of the comments is more or less the same. They all say something like “Wow great colors, I hit ‘Like’ on it so please go and checkout my photos” or “Nice subject matter, please check out my photos” or”Great shot, you can check out my photos at…” So instantly I get the feel that there are people (not photographers) on this site that are for the most part like a bunch of 15 year old drama queens running around with fancy cameras, taking & posting photographs, then saying “ok I looked at your photo and liked it so now  look at my more awesome photo and you better like it.” And this goes on every time I post a photo, I’m thinking “are serious” they literally are like a bunch of children. Now with that said there are a few legitimate photographers that I know of that use 500px, Glyn Dewis & Scott Kelby just to name a few.

So it gets even better and that is why I’m posting this blog. After I got tired of the email from all these childish attention starved bastards I took down everything I had at 500px and it was just a memory. Until one day I see 500px email from their blog (you know the spam will never stop) talking about “phone photography” and if you have read some previous posts of mine you know I think phone photography sucks. Yes phones take good photos but they do not take good photos that can 1. go beyond the basic edit of crop, brightness, contrast and the like… 2. When you print them they suck,if you are looking for a nice memorable shot, weddings, graduations, head shot… 3. phones are not designed to hold like a camera, I see people fumbling with them all the time. They are designed to be a phone “hello.” So in a momentary lapse of reason I decide to venture on the 500px Facebook via the email link and post a comment about my views of phone photography. Well you kind of can guess what happened… yes it was like pissing off a bunch of 15 year old girls. I get lamb basted with all of this irrelevant info about phone photography, about how it can be interpreted as art and so on. And I keep relying (in a nice way) that yes anything can be art, just like anyone can sing a song, look at Bob Dylan, when I hear him sing I want to get pencils and poke out my eardrums. And the comments and replies go on for days until I got bored and (in a Cartman voice) I said “screw you guys I going home.”

So now this morning as I open my email I see now a link to phone photography on 500px. I go check it out and for the most part it is a bunch of grainy phone photos that we’ll say is “art.” SO there it is… you too are an artist and you did not even know it, now did you? Get out there with your phone and fumble and snap away, put it on 500px and the love will pour down on you.


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