The Backstory.

Back Story 01 from Richard Smith Jr on Vimeo.

Ok so I’m going to try something new here. Well… at least new to me. This video is the first of hopefully many where I will tell the backstory to the image I have captured. Not a new concept but new for me. Bare with me here as I know the sound in this first episode is not up to par with what I would like. This was my very first attempt at voice over on video. I haven’t used my recording skills in many years. I used Adobe Audition for the voice over and it took me a few minutes… well maybe hours to figure out the program.

So please give me feedback and or comments about the videos as they get posted. I hope to limit the videos to 1-3 minutes & 1-2 per week. I hope they are not boring and if they are just tell me and I’ll stop. But I really do get many offline questions or emails of people asking me all kinds of photography related questions and I’m always more than happy to answer or point you to where you can find the answer. I’ll give advice when asked it’s always free.

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