When My Two Brain Cells Agree On Something… well that’s a great thing.

Who would have thought that bugs would make a starry night or rather a cosmic background for a Photoshop composite. I had been walking along the river on March 9th when all of the sudden the air was filled with some kind of bugs, as I looked up toward the sun I could see thousands of these little bugs flying around. I took several photographs of the critters and called it a day and moved on.

Now for those who don’t know; I take photographs of all kinds of weird stuff. Why? because it may become the ingredients to a Photoshop composite on day. That is how my composites are made, it is nothing new, all Photoshoppers tend to do this. Of course many time I get strange looks and comments for people as they see me taking a photograph of a brick wall, a crack in the pavement or some other very odd thing. Rain on a window that was a great find one day. Then all these little gems get keyworded and stored on a hard drive.  Until my two brain cells come together and agree “hey… I’ll bet those bugs flying in the air would make a great comic background.” Every so often my two brain cells agree on something and life is so grand.

So for this composite I pulled out my all time favorite guitar player shot. I made in my opinion one of the most awesome composites with this troy Kane photo once before. So I wasn’t really trying to top that, but rather it was more of just practice & experimenting and here is the end result. In the photos above you will see the original photo of the bugs that was used for a background in this composite.

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