I’d Rather See a Hero Than a Zero

A Hero

A Hero


So sad is a day when you wake up and see a terrorist gracing the cover of a national magazine here in the USA. I know in my heart that it is big business and corporate greed that fuels events and decisions like this. It creates controversy and sells copies, it’s all about numbers and dollars. And I understand that here in the good ole USA you can do that. You have the freedom… hell you have the right to do that. But I have the freedom and I have the right to not buy their magazine anymore. Will I die without it? Will it cause me a hardship? Hell know. But what I would like to see is to have people who have never read Rolling Stone magazine stand up and say “I will not visit a store that sells that magazine,” “I will ask my doctor to remove it from the waiting room,” “I will tear the cover off of every copy I see at the news stand.” That is what I’d like to see happen. But will that happen? My doubts are high.

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