Once She Was Going Somewhere


Hood ornaments have always caught my eye, old ones that is. As much as the style all vintage cars had the hood ornament was something that made a statement. I’m by no means an expert on vintage vehicles and like the fact that I’m not. For if I knew all the facts it sometimes takes away from the fun that one has with the bliss of ignorance. I just want to look at the old cars and think about what it must have been like to see these stylistic vehicles amongst our everyday life. Vehicle styles to day have been retarded to fit within the confines of aerodynamics. The requirements of modern automobile engineering have certainly stole the beauty and style from our automobiles. Today very few cars have a hood ornament and the ones that do have some sort of rather shapeless aerodynamical form. There is the Mercedes star and although very recognisable I feel it lacks character. However the bulldog on a Mack truck is an icon to its self.

So looking at this particular ornament I think to myself “once she was really going somewhere.” Now she just sits on a motionless vehicle suspended in time here in this museum as people just pass her by.

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