Change… without it the world lacks contrast.

Shot 3-17-12 at a protest rally behind the White House, Washington DC.

Somethings never change. War & Peace are just contrast in action.

So I have a photography assignment for myself for the next few weeks. A photography contest? Now I tend to shy away from contests for several reasons. First and foremost most photography contests at some point in their fine print want you to give up the rights to your photos and this is something I have a very strong opinion about. An opinion that is left for another and even longer blog post. The backside to most photo contest is they have collected many great photos that someone will at some point be able to use for something and let’s face it, who cares about the credit you did not receive but rather the money you did not receive. Just like when you enter the harmless drawing for the big screen TV that someone is promoting outside the local super market, flea market, in the mall… where ever. Most times that is a cover to get your info mainly your email address. At 25 cents per address thousands of entrants, well you do the math. I suck at math and I don’t need fingers & toes to know the outcome. More or less the same with a photography contest. In the Lehigh Valley, PA they run an ongoing photography contest where they collect the photos to be published in a book that people pay real money to buy and you… well you the photographer get “credit” for the photo. That credit really helps pay for that $6000 lens/camera combo you used to shoot the winning photo.

So back to my objective here; I did decide to enter a contest for the first time ever. But it is not any old ordinary contest. Yes you must have a good photo this we know, but you must also tell a story with the photo (up to 3 photos). The story is “World Change.” This can be any type of change, climate change, energy, peace/war and so on. So I already have a few ideas and I have to put this all into action. Already I am regretting the decision because like all things I get excited about, I also get obsessive about. One thing I know is win lose or draw it will be a lot of fun. As for the winning prize… I didn’t even look to see what it was. As for worrying the contest will harvest my images for their own use? Well that is not a problem because the contest is run by the senior editor for National Geographic Magazine. I would be honored if Nat Geo stole my photos on any day of the week.

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