Autumn Grass (Really? Weeds Can Be Art?)

1/1250 sec at f/2.8 ISO 200 200mm

1/1250 sec at f/2.8 ISO 200 200mm

Ok so who would have thought a photo of weeds would score so high when up loaded to 500 Pixels dot com. I took about 5 shots of the wild grasses on October 14th in late day (5:00pm) sun light. I was actually getting light reading using the in-camera meter and getting ready to do some test shots using my wife and pet dog Pixel (pardon the pun) as  models. The purpose of the whole shoot was to get some action shots of Pixie as she had grown in the past month or so and I had taken any photos of her growth. I keep a running photo diary of her life. So anyway… While waiting for my wife to get the dog and her throw toy together I was metering light using the wild grasses that grow here on the farm. After downloading the photos I realized I had some normally good shots of the dog running and playing and… wait a minute… these wild grass shots look great… oh look if I run some Photoshop wedding actions on them they appear even nicer. Actually in my opinion they look really good. So I pick the best one of the set and run an action and did some minor tweaking back in Lightroom and whala… Done! So I post it to Facebook and I get a moderately good response with 20 Likes from the Nature Lovers photo group I belong to.

So some time passes, 2 months to the day to be exact and I was sifting through photos in Lightroom and I thought “hey for kicks & giggle” let’s put the photo “Autumn Grass” up on 500px and see what kind of response it gets. Now for those who do not know is a photo art community of mostly photographers. And because there are so many photographers there one tends to get a better gauge of how good your photos stack up against others. I had learned from watching Scott Kelby’s weekly show “The Grid” that if you want to; let’s say make a night time sky shot of stars, you might first ask yourself what does a good night time starry sky photo look like. Well, go over to 500px and search whatever it is you’re looking for. Sadly enough for me most times my search results are extremely depressing because I will see Nat-Geo quality photos and know I could never reproduce such great quality prints. 500px is also a place interior designers and others go to look for great quality photo art. It can be ordered with several different mounting options, from canvas to acrylic to paper or even aluminum float frames. So yes even a simple photo of wild grass in autumn sunlight would make a nice canvas print.

Now I had joined 500px back in the spring of 2013 and I found it rather childish and annoying at first. Let me clarify; 90% of the comments I received were to the tune of “liked your photo, now go like mine.” To me it was like a bunch of little teenage girls… oh your hair is great, but isn’t mine better.” I mean really it was that bad if not worse. So bad that I deleted every photo I had up. But I found no way to delete my profile so I just never went back. But when I seen Scott Kelby using the website more as a tool I became intrigued and went back to revisit the site. This time I came with a plan of attack. I picked out my 10 best photos that I felt would make a nice canvas print. I uploaded and seen a lot better response this time around. In fact a few of the photos were the same as what I had loaded in my first time using the site and this time they received a much better score. 500px has a scoring system or rather I should say a “Pulse” system that scores the photos by how quick the Likes & Favorites come in on the photo. The scores have names like Fresh, Upcoming, Popular and Editor’s Choice. So this then can actually lead you to being a better photographer or at least that is my opinion. Because once you do a search for what it is your getting ready to go shoot, you are going to try to out do what you seen in you search results. And if not out do, maybe at least strive to shoot something as good as what you found already posted. SO you do not have to be a photographer to go checkout the cool photos at 500px, anyone can set up a user name and have fun. Some of the most amazing landscapes & wildlife shots are on this site, go check it out and have fun.

Autumn Grass 500 Pixels

Autumn Grass 500pxart

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