Happy New Year! (I have photos of friends and loved ones who left this world & little gifts from heaven that have entered into our world.

My lovely wife.

My lovely wife.

2014 is all most here and we are about to put 2013 to rest. So all of us photographers have been snapping shots all year long and one of my favorite things to do is; take some time sit down and relax and go through all the photos I shot last year. Now as you may know if you read my last post I have them pretty well organized, so it is a rather easy task. I will sift through and reflect upon the past year. I have photos friends and loved ones who have moved on from this world, I also have photos of little gifts from heaven that have entered into our world. I have photos from paid photography jobs, walks in the park and various social events I have attended and covered. And then there are the illustrations I created from photos using Adobe Photoshop. So of all the photos taken I like to sit and decide which ones are my best. This started a few years back where I would reflect and deem one of the many photos of my wife “this year’s best.” There is always one photo I have shot of her that will really stand out. But then I will also deem one photo my overall best of the year and one illustration will be deemed best of the year. Sounds kind of corny I know, but by sitting and reflecting it gives you a chance to look at your body of work and see how much you have improved as a photographer. You did improve as a photographer? Please tell me you improved, please tell me I improved. Why I’m sure we all did. I know there are a few photographer friends I follow on my Facebook page that really put out some amazing work this past year.

So come the second weekend into the New Year I will have made my choices as to what I think is my best and I’ll post them here. I would like to see you do the same. Find your best and post them to Facebook or wherever your heart desires and let everyone know what you deem your best photo/s of 2013.

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