My Camera Has WiFi (oh well who cares if it looks like it is snowing at dinner time inside the restaurant)

Thai dancer at the New Year party, Saddle Brook, NJ.

Thai dancer at the New Year party, Saddle Brook, NJ.

Social events are so much fun to put your photography skills to use. I am fortunate enough to have a wife that belongs to a very active social group. She is a Thai lady and in just a few months after her arrival in the USA she found a Thai social group. This set the stage for the making of a lot of new and wonderful friends, as well as attending a fair amount of social events both large & small. Some events are just a mere dinner party of 6 to 8 people at a private home. Other events may be as large as a few hundred people. Some events are fundraisers for a charity and others are just for fun to have a party. I have blogged about these events in the past for one reason or another. Today I just want to touch on the fun of having a camera that is WiFi capable as most cameras are today. Of course today most people have WiFi on their mobile phones and this I find is what leads to all those horribly shot “selfies” and in general poor quality photos. For the most part we don’t even think of it as “poor quality” but rather our minds eye has just accepted the fact that it “was shot with a phone camera.” So once again we have, as a society gone backwards. We have this camera in our phone and it is so easy to take a photo and send it up to social media that who cares how good or bad it is, let’s just do it. I myself have been guilty of it, but always pissed off because of the quality. I didn’t want to be in that mass majority that says “oh well who cares if it looks like it is snowing at dinner time inside the restaurant” or that “everything in the background looks great and the faces are black ink blots that look like a card from a Rorschach test.” I just found it hard to believe that we have the technology to make a person as irrelevant to life as a Kardashian famous and we don’t have a way to put a better quality photo on the internet from a mobile device. After all we sent a man to the moon (or so they say) and now it seems we are just going backwards.

So my most recent DSLR has WiFi as a feature and I am starting to embrace it a little more as time passes. The WiFi feature did not really come into play when I was considering the purchase of the Canon 6D, but with time I have found a few uses for it and event coverage is one of those uses for sure. I can see how the WiFi would really be an asset to a photojournalist. But… Yes I said “but.” But Canon couldn’t make it too easy, you know they’re going to want you to jump through a hoop or two or ten or twenty. Cannon has a “Gateway” service that is about as useless as a hog with side pockets. The idea is that… well let’s nix the Canon gateway service because it’s not even worth explaining. Just know Canon has a retarded redheaded stepchild that should be in an attic and it’s name is Canon Gateway Service.

Capture the images in camera and open the images on your mobile device, be it phone, tablet, iPad via the free Canon EOS app. The phone sees the WiFi from the camera as an open network and will connect allowing you to view and download the images of your choice. Although prior to this rather easy part of connecting camera & phone, you must first setup the WiFi network. This will take reading of the manual, several hours of deep prayer, one bottle of whisky all followed by a few therapy sessions and whala, you will have a WiFi network set up. Once you have chosen which photos you want to send up to social media and have placed them in your phone you do have the ability to do a phone or tablet based edit before sending to the net. Now of course we have the ability to edit photos we have shot with our phone before we post them, but no amount of editing is going to fix horrible ISO snow/noise and so on.

I have found Snapseed to be my app of choice for editing in phone before firing the photos off to the social media. But I have found that if you get it right in camera as much as possible there is no editing to be done in the phone or tablet. This now leads to better composing and overall photography. I tend to crop in camera, really work that “Manual” mode of the camera and I have to watch the flash settings more. Imagine that, now we have yet another scenario that will force us to be a better photographer. Or you can join the masses and shoot to your hearts content with the camera phone. So for all intent purposes I use the WiFi photos for kind of a teaser type thing. I may post a photo at the beginning of the event to let everybody know I’m there and then I will post a few in the middle of the event to show what’s happening and again at the end to close out the evening. Once back at the Reckless Pixel headquarters I will do the normal download, go to Lightroom for edits and upload to social media.

So there you have it, a way to post a good or even great photo from DSLR to the web via a phone or table.

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