It Wasn’t Me, The Screen Saver Did It ( Lesson learned, try to finish what you started you may surprise yourself.)

Sumalee Illustration

Sumalee Illustration


Sure is funny when my screen saver shows me the error of my ways. For many years now I have had the screen savers on my computers set to read a folder full of my own photos. Vanity maybe, but I find that I like to see my own photos rather than looking at an aquarium, changing sky or babbling brook screen saver that can be downloaded and is full of malware that will destroy the computer. So of course this is nothing new and many people load their screensavers full of personal photos. However I have found that this can be useful in a crazy kind of way. As the screen saver drifts from photo to photo currently (Windows 7) it will also add and change effects of the photos. Many times I have left the room only to return and find a photo with an effect that I love and never thought of it myself as I was performing the original edit.

So today it happened again, I left the room for a few minutes to get a cup of coffee, upon return I seen a photo illustration that I had made a few months ago. The illustration started with a background that I wanted to bleed a face through and meld the two together. The face photo was that of a young friend of my wife and after sometime of working in Photoshop I got the opacity of her face to where I felt I liked it, but I just wasn’t getting that “feeling” of completion with the image and I bailed on the whole illustration, as happens to me many times. When I create illustrations it is a feeling of racing to a known destination and sometimes I will arrive at the finish line and have a feeling of “this project is complete,” good or bad, it is complete. However sometimes it is like flying to the destination only to reach down and pull the ejection seat at full speed and bail on the whole project because the “feeling” I’m shooting for just isn’t happening. That is what happened the day I was creating this illustration of Sumalee. I saved the Photoshop file and put a JPEG in my screen saver.

So today my screen saver showed me the error of my ways and it was right there in black & white. Yes black & white. Actually it was more a sepia or brownish color. So simple I know and the reason I never thought to try B&W during the creation was because B&W usually comes at the end. I’ll explain; to get to black & white I first go through a full color edit, I do this with photos & illustrations. It is a system that I learned from Vincent Versace. So because I had pulled the so called “ejection seat” during the process I never got to the point where I could apply the black & white edit. Lesson learned, try to finish what you started you may surprise yourself.   


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