Yes A Photograph Is Worth A Thousand Words (a well detailed photo speaks those words loud & clear)

Black Diamond Jet Team 1/4000 sec at f/2.8 ISO 100 200mm

Black Diamond Jet Team
1/4000 sec at f/2.8 ISO 100 200mm


Have you seen the big picture? Or I guess I should say the big pictures. It is the latest trend now in websites. Take for instance the NBC News website, there photos have grown to almost full monitor size and I like it. Of course I like it, I am a photographer, but I think others like it as well. I’m using NBC as an example because that is my go to source for news and the feed comes up on my Facebook. NBC’s Facebook photos for the longest time were so horrible, I would see the photo in the feed and when I clicked on it did not get much bigger, also they of course had a link to take you to the story on their site and most times the photos there were still not worth viewing.

Now I must say I started to notice this trend on some of the various blog sites I go to before I noticed it on the news sites. Most of the blogs I visit are photographers but not all. And I say visit not read because most times I want that photo to go with the story, so if there is no photo I may just bail on the story. Sometimes the photo tells the story better than mere words. Yes a photograph is worth a thousand words, true, we have all heard this over and over. But a well detailed photo speaks those words loud & clear, whereas the small or not so detailed photo is kind of like hearing those thousand words muttered or mumbled. After all when we purchase a camera we are looking for one that takes as nice and clear detailed photos that our budget will allow. So why the hell would a news site put up small photos? In part it is due to the fact that a lot of reporters now days rely on a phone camera or a little point & shoot. Last summer while I was out doing a job with my catering business, we were cooking for a community event and the local newspaper reporter showed up to cover the event. He wanted to take photos of my crew carving the roasted pig so he whips out with this little $80 point & shoot, seriously I dammed near laughed in his face. I seen some of the photos he posted on line and while “yes” they were adequate I was just taken back by the fact that I had always remembered newspaper reporters have a 35mm SLR, maybe not a big camera but an SLR nonetheless. You must know the number one rule for photo journalism is “f/3.5 in focus and be there” I remember and old school journalist telling me that years ago when I didn’t even know what f/3.5 meant. So I really do think the “small camera thing” is or was one of the reasons for crappy photos.

Most of us have purchased merchandise from websites; I shop on line all the time and I love sites that put up detailed photos of the listed item. Even more so I love items that have a video listing to go with photos. Do you make purchases of items you cannot or have never seen? Not me, I want details, the more the better. Whether it is news or making online purchases I want a good photo and large, I want it to pretty much fill about 70% of my monitor. Checkout my galleries and you notice when the photos come up they do just that, they fill most of your screen. I love big photos on screen or in print. My favorite large print size is 16×20 inch, nothing like seeing the “whole picture,” so to speak.  Hey thanks for reading.


1/800 sec f/4.0 ISO 100 70mm

1/800 sec f/4.0 ISO 100 70mm

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