ESP Photoshoot (so here we go… fingers crossed)

Chloe (Model)

Chloe (Model) in a cell at Eastern States Penitentiary


So it’s off to ESP for a fun personal project shoot tomorrow. Personal projects can be so much fun. If done right they can prepare you for bigger and better things. It’s that “you don’t know till you try” method of learning. I have many personal photo projects planned for the autumn season involving the fall colors. But my personal projects will fall between paid work with the high school seniors/sports portraiture. There will be more outdoor shoots and now that I have found a team of models with different looks and color I can get to work on the Photoshop composites and that is where the real fun begins. In between all the photography and working a job and running a catering business I will travel to Southeast Asia (Thailand/Laos) to visit family and look after the construction of our house there. Of course the shutter will not stop, the shutter never stops.

My knowledge of photography and Photoshop comes from those who arrived before me. Some are great photographers and photoshoppers/retouchers. You have to pay homage to those from whom you’ve leaned. Some are unknowns and others are greatly known. I have read book after book and more books on photography & Photoshop and Lightroom. I have sat through hours upon hours of online classes, course and interviews. I have traveled to seminars and meetings. I have an continue to do all of this and it is not so I can be that photographer who is “just so much better” than all the others. That does not happen to anybody. The only photographers who are better than everyone else are the “legends in their own mind” and there are many. But here again I have learned from the greats like Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler, Glyn Dewis, Woody Walters (oh Woody is the man), Cliff Mauntner and even studied the legalities of photography and registering your work taught by Ed Greenburg. And these are just a few, then there all the friends I have online whom I have never met but we share advice and techniques. I hold back very little when it comes to sharing. I can’t give all I know away for I have spent countless dollars and hours to gain the knowledge I feel others who are serious should do the same. With that said I still love the joy of helping others move forward with projects & photography.

So off to ESP I go tomorrow in hopes of capturing some great images and having fun with new friends… crazy artists that they are.

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