The Iron Factory Collection (…for some images I used an Asian broom for a background)

Model Kendall Strample

Model Kendall Strampel

So nice to see a project come to completion and on schedule, this is a great feeling. The overview of the project is to take the images of the two models that were shot at the very end of last summer and make final composites using images as background that would be captured while I was traveling in Thailand in November & December. My goal was to create about ten final images that would be named the “Iron Factory Collection.” Named after the studio in Philadelphia where the images of the models were captured. Completion was set for late January.
Capturing the backgrounds was difficult to a certain degree and I did not want all the composites to be comprised of “a model with a scene behind her.” Although scenes with building or landscapes are nice, I also like to use objects and make them abnormally large. For some images I used an Asian broom for a background and for another I used a large leaf from a plant and I still have a few other objects that I have not edited yet.
The goal of making a collection is really secondary to the other objectives of this project. I wanted to prove to myself that I could lay out a photography project that focused on compositing and follow it through to completion. Along the way there would be collateral benefits, meeting new people, experimenting with new techniques and most of all gaining more experience with my compositing skills.
I’m very much drawn to the art of compositing. I always knew photography would be a mere stepping stone to something of a higher level. The joy for me is found in the ability to create something and have the freedom to take it higher and away from the standard portrait of a person. The freedom is good; however there is the challenge, the challenge of keeping it within the realm of not making the scene something of pure unbelievable fantasy. I do like to create pieces comprised of crazy abstract scenes that one may call “art.” But compositing is the focus of my direction at this time.
So at this time I still have a few Iron Factory Pieces to finish and I’m already in the planning of the next compositing project. No rest for the weary? Hardly… When you’re doing something that excites you and challenges you it almost seems effortless.


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