Something I’d Like To Share (for all those photo lovers, photographers, beginners or advanced.)

Lightroom Screenshot

Lightroom Screenshot

For all those photographers out there who do not use Adobe Lightroom I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the benefits of using Lightroom. This is not a paid advertisement and I never like to push anything onto someone. But I get asked all the time both in person and by email about photo editing. I even get questions from people who have Lightroom and didn’t know it could do certain things. I make this post only because I feel that I would like to share with other people/photographers a piece of software that really is so useful and beneficial to anyone who enjoys photography either as a total novice or as an advanced user.

So in my own words and without getting technical I will breakdown what Adobe Lightroom is and what it is not. I will use the letters LR in place of the name Lightroom.

  • Adobe Lightroom is the official name for a piece of software commonly referred to as a “basic editing” program or advanced shooters may call it a “RAW editor.”
  • LR is not Photoshop. LR is like a doorway your photos use to enter into your computer. It will place your photos in folders on hard drives that you choose. Once in those folders your photos are a safe.
  • When you edit in LR you are editing a copy of your photo, this keeps the original safe and always in the same place. This is called non-destructive editing.
  • LR is a state of the art piece of software that is easy to use and it is available to anyone. It has become an industry standard. There are countless tutorials on Youtube for those that want to learn advanced techniques.
  • LR is like a “one stop shop” when it comes to photo editing. You can remove red eye, fix blemishes, remove that piece of lint on that nice black dress and of course there are the normal controls such as contrast, exposure, sharpness and so on. You can remove shadows and soften skin or ad a vignette.
  • You can also organize photos, add keywords for finding photos in the future, make slideshows and add watermarks to your photos.
  • Then as you progress at your own pace there are advanced options already built in that you will come to love and then you will come back and thank me or whoever it was that turned you on to LR.

So I could go on and on about the features, but what I’m getting at is; I have used several other programs and I’m still open to new ones. But I have yet to see anything that compares to LR. Now you must also know that there are two ways to buy Lightroom. You can purchase it on a disc in a box much the way you have bought software for years. Or you can buy it in a subscription based version from Adobe. I suggest the subscription version because it will always stay updated. For those who are students or work at an educational institution of any kind you can take advantage of Adobe’s Educational Discounts program.

You also get Lightroom Mobile free with your subscription so your photos are viewable on your iPad, tablet or smartphone. And… as if all that isn’t good enough Adobe gives you space on their cloud to save photos. You can save to Adobe Revel (their cloud) and share them privately or publicly on social media. You can also login to Adobe Revel from anywhere in the world and see your photos.

Check this out! I’m in Thailand and each night when my wife and I are done for the day. I take both our cameras and I upload everything we shot that day to Adobe Revel. So now all our full size files are there safe and sound. Now while I did download everything into the laptop too, so I could edit and post to Facebook, meanwhile I have no worries about lost memory cards or stolen laptops or anything. No worries at all. When I come back home to the good ole USA all my photos are safe and sound. If I need a file I have lost, I just go to Adobe Revel and download it. I will admit that Adobe’s cloud is limited to 2 GB but for the average everyday shooter that is plenty of space. I did purchase the extra space because I use it for my business and I love it.

Any questions about Lightroom as always I’m more than happy to help anybody out with their photography.

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