On The Road To Ban Khamin (but there is nothing there… or is there?)



I was thinking about all my friends and family in Thailand. Thoughts of this wonderful country road is my happy place. I dream many times of riding down this road on a motorbike. This actual spot is a small junction. I was riding along on a beautiful sunny afternoon (December 2, 2014 at 12:08pm to be exact) and I decided to just stop. I wanted to see what was there. Most people would look around and say “there is nothing here.” There was no houses or buildings just the road and another smaller road (path) the led out into the riceland. But that “nothing” was so much there for me. No traffic, well other than an occasional passer by on foot or motorbike. But most of all it was void of all modern civilization. There was only the sound of 100% pure untouched nature. No planes in the sky, no distant noise of a highway just peacefulness. Now I know we have places like this in the USA and I’m not at all knocking the USA. But to get to a place like this when I was I young boy growing up in Delaware Township all I had to do was walk out my front door. But those days are long gone here in New Jersey and really try and find a place anywhere that you will not at some point hear the distant roar of a jet overhead is really kind of impossible. But this place is about a few minutes away from our house in the village. I love the USA, but how I long for this place to just sit and feel the warm sun on my face and listen to nature.