Hip-it-y Hop Easter is On Its Way (But I do not have any battle stories to bring back from the front)

1/125 sec at f/8.0 ISO 125 50mm

1/125 sec at f/8.0 ISO 125 50mm


I spent the last two days working an Easter Bunny photo shoot. It was a lot of fun and it did not go nearly as bad as one might think. Most photographers would cringe to think of all those children and trying to pose and get them to smile. I will admit it could be a nightmare and in reality it would most likely be the parents that would be the real nightmare. But I do not have any battle stories to bring back from the front nor do I have any wounds to lick.

The location was at a bounce gym. For those who are not familiar with a bounce gym, it is a gym for children and it has many things to do and playing in the air-filled bounce houses is the biggest activity. So at this event the children did not just stand in line for photos with the Easter Bunny, they had the option of an indoor Easter egg hunt and playing in the bounce gym too. The owner of the gym had constructed a very nice set for the photo shoot. It was a very tight location that forced me to shoot at 35-50mm. I used two Wescott 43” Apollo Orb softboxes with three speedlites in each box. I used an X-Rite passport color checker to set my white balance and to also create a camera profile. I needed to be spot on with color & white balance for a job like this. Not to mention it makes editing a whole lot easier. Camera settings were manual mode with 1/125 sec at f/8.0 ISO 125 35mm to 50mm and I had the lights set to ¼ power for all six speedlites. At ¼ power on the lights gave a very quick recharge time that allowed relatively quick shooting.

As for posing; because this was not a true portrait shoot in the sense that the children were not dressed in there “Sunday best” clothes because they are playing in a gym. There was no need for formal posing, some even looked a little disheveled with hair out-of-place and in stocking feet and that was ok. So I guess you could say it was an “informal Easter Bunny shoot.” But it was all good and certainly a lot of fun. I only had one child that cried enough we could not get a good photo and most children were smiling before they even got to the Easter Bunny’s lap to sit. Once they were still (using a remote) I would catch no less than three shots and most times it was the first shot that was the keeper. I did have some children that required five to seven shots due to head tilted down or looking away at the last second. However it was not a big problem at all.

So in the end I would call it a success and I think a lot of parents really liked the photos. I would let them review using my tablet and see the unedited file in camera. Most people love this instant review and they would tell me which photo to edit. It was a one pose, one photo shoot and everybody got a great photo for Easter. I will share a few photos, however I can not share any of the children photos because no one signed a release and these were private photos. So you are stuck with a photo of my Thai wife. Lol

Happy Easter everyone and thanks for reading.

My wife Munn & Bunny

My wife Munn & Bunny

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