It Is Confirmed… Springtime is here. (Of course the ducks & geese and daffodils included are spring like sights)



It really is a beautiful day here in Hunterdon County New Jersey today. I was out in the morning taking a walk and absorbing the signs of springtime. To walk along the canal and see the wild ducks and the Canada geese is always a nice sight. But to see a whole family ride by on bicycles is a true sign of nice spring like weather. Of course the ducks & geese and daffodils included are spring like sites; however they are always there even in the cold rain. But to see the whole family enjoying a cycle ride along the canal is the big confirmation that springtime weather is here.

I then left this area just north of Lambertville and headed just two miles north to the small river town of Stockton New Jersey and I stopped at the old Prallsville Mill. The scene was very similar with the wild ducks and geese in the mill-pond as they skeptically watch me ever so close. Seeing the big camera lens pointed at them is always very intriguing I know. Birds see color and most can see the blink of an eye at 200 yards, so surely they see my shutter clicking away. There were no cyclists to be found in Stockton, I think they were all gone on their rides headed north to Frenchtown. But I did see that another sign that tells me spring is here, the father & son fishing. This again is the confirmation of a beautiful spring day. Although the landscape is barren and lacks color it will soon come to life in a cascade of colorful flowers, leaves and grasses as it does every year.

So I close this post and head back out into the beautiful day to shoot a beautiful face. For this again the “outdoor” model shoot is yet another confirmation of warm spring day.

Thanks so much for reading.

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