Meet Melina Martin model/actress (I found the town had been overrun with white legs… everywhere. )


1/100 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 200mm

Melina Martin 1/100 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 200mm

Meet Melina Martin Philly based model/actress. I think we’ll see a lot more from Melina in the future. Her test shoot went very well. She has lots of confidence, eager to learn and a warm easy-going personality. We enjoyed the warm spring afternoon as it was perfect for an outdoor shoot. Not too hot, not too cold and no bugs lol. I intended to shoot around Lambertville and do a “street walk” style shoot. This style shoot will really test the model if she is new because she will be right out where people can see her. Crazy I know, but it can really produce some nice images with a “Street Photography” style to them. I don’t do this with just any model, but when they are studying acting as Melina is, most can handle it. I use my classic line “are you nervous” (they always say yes) then I say “so act like you’re a model doing a model shoot.” And really it most times makes them laugh, it also makes them think “this photographer is an asshole” but I always win them over with humor.

However on this day I did not get to use my classic line. I went to scout the town in the morning and I found the town had been overrun with white legs… everywhere. There were white leg cyclists, white leg joggers, white leg walkers and because the weather was nice and being a somewhat touristy town… essentially the town was crowded. Crowded to the point I was uncomfortable and this was two hours before Melina was due to arrive from Philadelphia. So I said nix nix and we went two miles north to the next river town of Stockton. What a beautiful little town, named after one of our forefathers Richard Stockton I love this place… plus I grew up just outside of Stockton so I guess I’m biased to say the least. But I really did want to shoot in Lambertville because it has a lot of character… and it has a lot of characters wandering the streets lol.

So we captured our images at the old Prallsville Mill at the north end of Stockton. A few fishermen and fisher boys and a few dog walkers, not too many people around. Some music broke out at one point when a band started up and we just headed to a private out-of-the-way area by the old quarry house and finished in the old quarry house/office after Melina had noticed the door was unlocked. So in the end we had a great shoot with good weather and nobody to bother us. Now off to the edits.


Thanks so much and have a great day.

1/30 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 160mm

1/30 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 160mm (not bad for a slow shutter speed)

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