Fonthill Castle House (just wandering aimless with my camera today)



Moravian Style Castle House

Moravian Style Castle House

Today I had some good ole photo fun. No models, no photo shoots just me and the camera. Personally I would have much rather been capturing images of a face, but plans changed and I was just solo. It has been a while since I have went out rather aimless with a camera. Most times I choose to give myself an assignment or project, but today I had no plan. I opened my notebook and the first thing that I seen were my notes on Fonthill Castle house. It was the home of Henry Mercer and it is part of the Mercer Museum Park. The park also incorporates the Moravian Tileworks. None of which interests me and today of all days I arrive only to be met by streamers and park rangers directing cars to park, because today was a festival of sorts at the tileworks. There were tents and people were just pouring in. I wasn’t going to be out done. I asked a ranger if it was alright to go photograph the house and he said it was fine by him.

The house is a rather odd place, not only by design and looks, but it is one of those locations that will not let you photograph the inside of the house and you can not photograph the outside of the house with people or models. I’ll explain; See many a photographer would like to photographer brides here and the foundation wants their fair share of the purse. So for a $75 photo permit you can shoot a model (I believe two hours). How ever you can photograph the outside of the house with no people or models for free. This is according to the nice lady I spoke with on the phone last year when I added this location to my list of places to shoot models or brides.

Here is a second edit of the house.

Thanks so much for reading.

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