A Time To Remember Those Who Served For Us (a time to reflect)

Never forget those who have served us.

Never forget those who have served us. (Saint Magdalen Cemetery, Flemington, NJ.)

For me it is a time to stop and think about all the men & women who have served, both living and not. Although memorial day and the festive weekend that precedes is full of parties and activities I would ask that we all take a moment and say a prayer and be thankful to those who have served our country and it’s citizens both home and abroad. Honestly for me personally there is never a time I look at the star spangled banner and not think about what it truly means and stands for. Whether is is at the beginning of a sporting event, motorsports race or whatever, maybe just riding down the road past a business… I will take a moment to reflect about what the flag means. I know it may sound crazy but I actually like that sound of the rope on a flagpole slapping the metal and making that clang-y echoing sound as the breeze blow.

I do take offense to people who disrespect our banner. I know it is their right and I’m ok with that. While they have the same freedoms I do I can fight back at them in a much nicer way. I don’t have to help them, talk to them, use their business… All I have to do is ignore them because Karma is a bitch.

So go out everybody, have fun and enjoy this wonderful land of the USA. Just take a moment to reflect, thats all.


Thanks for reading.

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