Three Element Composite Image (from the chipped paint, exposed bricks, open wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors, how could you not get a vibe to create.)

Three Element Composite (model Kendall Strampel-Hair & Makeup by Aryn Wilson)

In today’s edit we find Kendall on a dream like walkway. The edit of this image leans towards a “High Key” style although it is not a true black & white. I wanted a dreamy feel, but not that normal blurry or fuzzy look that most would use for a dreamy effect. Recently I have been working with creating fog although I did not use any of those techniques in this edit.

The image is a three element composite and if you have followed my posts since last September you will most likely know the main element of Kendall was shot in studio at the Iron Factory in Philadelphia. The “Iron Factory session” as I like to call it was an all-day studio shoot and Kendall put in a stellar performance with many great poses and facial expressions. We had a lot of fun and it was a very creative day that took place in a studio that puts off a very creative energy. Just to walk into that old factory gives a creative vibe, from the chipped paint, exposed bricks, open wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors, how could you not get a vibe to create.

The second element in this image is actually very dear to me. It is a covered walkway that leads up a mountain to Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol (a Buddhist temple) on a mountain in the countryside near Roi Et, Thailand. I had been to this temple before and rather than ride the shuttle bus to the top of the mountain I like to hike to the top. The first time I visited this temple I entered from a different direction and I never knew there was this beautiful walk way that lead up the mountain. My wife and I started to walk up the road when I noticed this walkway. It is covered to protect from the sun or rain or you can walk on the top for a very scenic view and you can see for miles out across the Thai farmland. There were no people on the walk way at all and my wife and I walked slowly to the top. I stopped a few times along the way to capture some HDR sets of the walkway. After visiting the beautiful temple it was late in the day and we walked on the top of the walkway for our return down the mountain. As we walked down the sun was blood-red and setting quickly, the scene was very peaceful and serene as other family members caught up to us we all walked together and this made for a very memorable part of that day.

The third element is the scenery seen through the windows of the walkway. The walkway was shrouded with brush and trees, but while walking on the top of the walkway I captured images of the view looking out across the farmland and this is what is now seen when looking out the windows in this image.

After putting the elements together I finished with a high key dreamy feel.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day.

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