Conjuring Personal Projects (Simply put it was an epic all day shoot in a studio with two models…)

Kendall and I confer on posing.

Kendall and I confer on posing.

I am currently conjuring ideas for my personal photography projects for the next six months. This is how my process works, I keep notes and ideas, some are written and others just a mental note. However there is one project that I hope to repeat and that is going back to the Iron Factory Studio in Philadelphia. Last September I planned out a personal photography project that was very extensive (for me) and it was very rewarding because it yielded several good images and not to mention all the good & bad things I learned from the project as a whole.

Simply put it was an epic all day shoot in a studio with two models and one hair & makeup artist. The models were to be shot on a white sweep and the backgrounds to come later in November & December. My goal was to make composite images and to make them somewhat special the backgrounds would come from Thailand and Laos. I would be in Thailand for one month and I thought this would really be an opportunity to create something different… and it was. Why the Iron Factory? Well it for me is the atmosphere of the room and the building. There really is something to be said for finding a creative atmosphere to work in and for me the Iron Factory is awesome.

How it all happens.

How it all happens.

So this year I want to do something similar. I want to work with two, possibly three models for an epic all day shoot. I will use different lighting techniques as I did last year, ranging from hard edgy lights to the ever so soft twin 7 foot softboxes and beauty dish. I would like to use a male model this year in addition to the females and I would like to use both dark and light skins.



Now the big question is; where do the backgrounds come from? Sounds like I need to plan a trip and that then leads to many things to ponder such as budget, when I can travel and where do I travel. Budget dictates a lot of things as does’ time, but this is good because it give my mind something to do (lol).

So I leave with images from that magical day that Kendall, Cynthia, Aryn and I had so much fun.

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