A Box of Prints To Hold (happy birthday Kendall)


Prints from Mpix.com

Prints from Mpix.com (photo curtousy of Kendall)

It is the power of the hard print that really gives me joy in photography. I have posted before about my personal feelings of holding one of my own hard prints and how much joy there is in seeing and holding something I have created. I have also posted about how much joy you can give to a friend when you hand them a hard print. It doesn’t have to be a fancy portrait, but it does help if the photo is composed correctly and has good exposure.

Today we are so used to seeing images on a monitor or a phone or tablet that we do often tend to forget that feeling of holding a print. Somehow that feeling (at least for me) does not compare to seeing a digital image in a screen. I once heard Scott Kelby comment on large prints and saying “even a bottle of ketchup will look interesting if you make it into a large print” and he is so right. Large equals more interesting, but somehow seeing an image on a large monitor doesn’t really equate to seeing a large print such as a 16 x 24 inch print, or bigger.

So today is Kendall’s birthday and I though what better gift than a box of hard prints from Mpix. Kendall and I have been creating images for almost a full year now and we started our very first shoot with some hard prints, so why not. And for added impact it was a surprise, I did not tell her they were on the way. I did email her mother to let her know the package was coming and to watch for it. FedEx did their part and the package arrived on time.

So today Kendall also got to feel that incredible feeling of seeing and feeling the fruits of our labor, by holding and looking at that thing that really completes a photography project… the hard print. Happy birthday Kendall.

Thanks so much for reading.

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