Heading Back to Prison for July (I’m waiting her final word and really hoping for a yes.)

Wet stones & bare feet.

Wet stones & bare feet.

My how time moves quickly and it is almost thirty days since the June shoot at Eastern Sates Penitentiary. Now July is here and as we approach yet another night of fun I still don’t have a model locked in. I have a favorite whom I have asked and I’m waiting her final word and really hoping for a yes. If she comes onboard for this shoot it will be very much different from last month. After all she is a very different person with a different look and personality. I truly loved the work that Nicole and I did at ESP in June and I am still pulling edits from that shoot, but I want July’s shoot at ESP to greatly contrast June’s shoot… I really hope she says yes and if she does I will post her Name and Instagram here on my blog so readers can get a sneak preview. I will say that she is interesting, very interesting, impactful and young and I have never shot with her before, although I have been wanting to for a long time. So for now it is fingers crossed.

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