Neutral Density Filter for Video (Sunshine Girl)

1/80 sec at f/3.5 ISO 50 200mm

1/80 sec at f/3.5 ISO 50 200mm

So here we see Sunshine Girl Alyssa shot in a backlit image using a Hoya Variable Neutral Density filter. I have worked with standard ND filter many times in the past, mostly for “long exposure” photography and for some video. I have some outdoor video projects coming up next month and the “Variable” ND filter will be a must have item in the gear bag. I only ever use two brands of filters and they are Tiffen an Hoya, I went with the Hoya on this purchase because of budget. The Hoya was about $23 cheaper than the Tiffen, reviews were comparably the same on both filters so I just went with the cheaper unit.

I need not say (but I will lol) the construction is top notch, the action of turning the outer ring is as smooth as smooth can be. The filter comes in a quality container that is easy to open & close. So what more could a photographer ask for.

So looking at the “Sunshine Girl” we see she is back-lit with bright sunlight. The normal camera setting would have called for something around a 1/500 sec shutter speed, but with the ND filter I could dial down and cut the light letting me use a 1/80 sec shutter speed. I have uses for this in my photography, but it really works well for getting a true cinematic feel when shooting video. I want to shoot video with a 1/60 shutter setting and most times the outdoors light is too harsh so enter in the “variable density filter”.

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