Enigma Photography (Please don’t be “that” guy.)

Yes this really happens.

Reckless Pixel Images

Actual "enigma photographer" in action. Actual “enigma photographer” in action.

Don’t be that guy. I guess you could say I was a little naïve because I really did not think he existed. The enigma photographer. Rather I thought it to be a myth or some sort of urban legend. But to my utter surprise it was as true as the sunrise you’ll see tomorrow. Before I get into the unrevealing of this horrid tale I would first explain my mindset at the beginning of my digital photographic life.

My first digital camera was a Hewlett Packard 2 mega pixel (count them… 1, 2 mega pixels). I did not even own a computer at the time. I had no email address, web presence or PayPal. I didn’t know an ISP from a JPEG. I loved that C-200 and I soon filled the 8 mega bite card and I could only view the photos on…

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