A Romantic Tale (young, free, adventurous and traveling the world with a female companion… taking photographs all along the way.

Istanbul circa 1974

Istanbul circa 1974

Now that it is complete I would like to share with you a project that I had worked on for another photographer. Harvey Davidowitz had asked me back in February of 2014 if I would like to edit some black & white images he was having problems with. At first I thought they were digital. When I received the files I realized that this was going to be a photo restoration project. While the images I received were in digital form they were actually scans of black and white prints from years gone by. Some images had problems with scratches, bends in the paper and more, and because the end result was that they were going to print in a book they all needed to be somewhat close in they’re toning.


While I have done photo restorations in the past I never really had to worry about toning a whole set of images to be the same. This was not out of the realm of my Photoshop skills, but it was daunting nonetheless.

The book: Harvey has quite an interesting story to tell with his images.

The year is 1973-74 and Harvey takes two huge overseas trips, the second of which is the chance of a lifetime trip. Receiving an offer to work for the assistant dean of Chapman University’s World Campus Afloat, it was an around world educational cruise. Having a boss who would not let him take a leave of absence Harvey just quit his job as a pharmacist and became a passenger. And being a photographer he brought a darkroom with him. He packed a darkroom in a suitcase and away he went.

Now I have heard most of his story told to me in person and it really is a romantic tale, to be young, free, adventurous and traveling the world with a female companion… and taking photographs all along the way. Truly is a dream for anyone. Now cut to decades later Harvey decides he would like to produce a book of these images and he asked me for technical help.

So today much to my surprise I reached in the mailbox and pulled out a package… hummm I did not order anything? It was like Christmas morning when I opened the package and seen a fresh copy of the book with a personal message hand written inside the front cover. Very touching and so nice to see Harvey’s project complete.

See Harvey’s color images at https://harveyd.smugmug.com/


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