A Jazzy Afternoon



Today has been one of those relaxing days. You know where you have nothing scheduled… No work, no play, but yet still productive. I woke early and started tending to little tasks that are always in need of being done, yet somehow never get fully finished. You know things like cleaning out email and cleaning up my workspace where I edit. Somehow for me these days are far and few between. While I always do what needs to be done, I never seem to be relaxed about it. But today was one of those days that brings the hint of things to come. The air is quite cool today and the sky was sunny but has turned to gray and there is a brisk, calming breeze coming in my window. The house is quite and once in awhile the wind rattles the papers on my desk as the curtains flail and then fall again. I love jazz, smooth relaxing jazz, but I can only enjoy it… well, when I’m relaxed. Crazy I know, but relaxing music doesn’t relax me, I have to first be relaxed, then I can really enjoy it. Being relaxed and listening to smooth easy jazz is such an experience for me.
So the hint of things to come is the cool air, for I know Autumn is coming and it truly by far is my favorite time of the year. Holidays are so stressful, but Autumn is my time. Personally for me the Autumn and relaxing really go together, because it was the Fall of 1984 that I had spent totally incapacitated while recovering from a horrendous car wreck that had happened in August. I could not walk and I wore a horrible neck brace, so all I could do was either sit or lie on a bed. Some days a family member or friend would help me outside to the lawn swing where I would just sit by myself for hours. Just sitting and thinking, relaxing and enjoying life. I lived with my grandmother at that time and her house was at the end of a dead end road. How relaxing. Flat broke, no more car and lucky to be alive… just sitting watching to colors change day by day, talking with God and the birds. Occasionally a friend would stop by and ruin my day… Well not really, but you know what I mean lol. I couldn’t even play my guitar because my right arm had been broken, as well as my leg, foot, ankle and so much more.
So today I relax and at this time in my last life I like to sit and look
at my images.
So as the cool breeze brings light drops of rain I leave you with an image of Chloe. She is maybe the most spontaneous model I have ever met. Although this image is just her gazing at me she truly is a very talented person and spontaneity is her greatest asset.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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