Photo of The Day (Chess anyone?)

1/60 sec at f/6.3 ISO 100 35mm

1/60 sec at f/6.3 ISO 100 35mm

Today’s photo is of the “Street Photography” genre. I had an awesome opportunity to go into New York City the other day and shoot “Street” style. It was great because I was there for the sole purpose of shooting nighttime rooftop photos, but we entered the city early and had lots of time for street style.

And hey? what better place in the world is there to shoot street, than in NYC. Our trip was total NYC style of travel. We took the Staten Island Ferry, to the subway, got off at Union Square and hoofed it by foot the rest of the way.

So about this image… Ok so my street style of shooting may be a little different from others in that most people are trying to be all “stealth like” and want to capture images of people without the person knowing it and they’ll have an old tattered camera bag or even a point & shoot. Not me! Now first I will say that yes I will shoot (sometimes) in silent mode and I’ll hip shot the image and use the shutter button in the battery grip so a person may not know what I’m doing. But most times I will just be right there not trying to hide anything. I am a big fat guy with a photo backpack and a full size DSLR. What happened in the capturing of this images is common for me. I walked out of Union Square park and there were these chess players all lined up playing or waiting for an opponent. I looked them over once to see who looked the most interesting and then I started shooting. Almost instantly this one player jumped from her chair and approached me asking “could you please take my photo.” So I took several photos, some posed and some candid. She then gave me her card and I moved on. If I was being all “stealthy” like most likely she would have never approached me. But because I was open and made it clearly known I was there to photograph something I was approached.

So I soon left Union Square and moved on. I have many street style images for many more future posts.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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