A Pleasant Phone Call ( “drive-thru” order used to be an intimate act between me and the person taking the order.)

Model Cynthia Ann

Model Cynthia Ann

As the hands of time move on and never stop in our ever-changing universe we see change. Some changes are subtle and some are drastic, some simple and others complexed. Some changes are welcome and others we wish never happened. I remember someone telling me once that “you must utilize the changes in technology to keep from getting old.” I don’t know if this old sage was quoting someone or just speaking off the cuff. However at the time my friend made this statement was when the fax machine was in its heyday and everybody loved the convenience of using the fax as a way to make life just a little easier. Now I must stop and note that most younger readers may not understand what a fax is or was. But at the time it made life just a little easier in the business world. And then… there were the people who couldn’t or wouldn’t use a fax machine. Mostly because they were afraid of learning something new, that’s all. We still see it today with computers and other technology, some people refuse to learn how to use the technology and then they instantly put themselves at the mercy of other. I never wanted to be one of those people. I was always open to technology and what it has to offer. For those avoiding it they will claim they have no need for it and their life was doing just fine without it. In fact some will become quite angry at the mention of it. I know an older gentleman who gets very upset when someone mentions mobile phones. He lives in a modern house and drives a modern car ect… but thinks a cell phone is a waste of time and more so money.

Now with all that said; some things about technology drive me absolutely crazy and I think one of the biggest is the way people have lost touch with how to communicate in a proper way. I grew up in an era before mobile phones and the internet and the hardwired phone was our main implement of person to person conversation unless of course the two people were sitting in the same room. The hardwired phone conversation was quite unique compared to today’s mobile phone conversation. In a hardwired phone conversation it would be very improper to make lots of background noise and if you were in a noisy area say for example using a pay phone at the bar or a phone booth along a highway most likely the conversation was minimal. Today I find it increasingly common for people to be on the other end of the line and there is all kinds of extremely distracting noise in the background and when I question the noisy distraction they act as if I just killed their mother. And not just the background, for some it is the lousy ass Bluetooth device they are using that makes listening to them talk sound as if the gears of technology are grinding backwards instead of forward. Let’s see… we now have a device that lets us communicate from just about anywhere we want to anywhere we want, so let me buy a piece of crap Bluetooth garbage that will make it impossible for anybody to hear me. And when my friends complain I will just ignore them because I can hear them fine.

Seriously though it is like we are headed backwards, I have great hearing and I get people calling me and I just say “call me back when you have a better phone” and they get offended. What about “you” making me listen to “you” talk and I hear every other word… that’s not annoying or offensive? Myself I am not a big phone talker, in person I love to talk and carry on conversation, but the phone is for that “important and I need to reach out to you” kind of conversation. And most of all of lately the business calls have been horrible. If I have business to conduct over the phone and I’m using a mobile phone I will make sure I’m in a quiet area with a good signal and I am giving the person on the other end my full undivided attention. Now it is so common to get a business call and I have to hear the person giving their order at a drive-thru window. Not that it really matters, but when you think about it a “drive-thru” order used to be an intimate act between me and the person taking the order.

How about when you’re hanging out with a friend and they get a call and they stay on the phone forever. Now you’re not “hanging out” your just… well now you’re just “hanging” lol.

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