2016 Watermark (Did you register your image with the library of congress?)

2016 watermark & logo.

2016 watermark & logo.

As my previous post stated I am in the process of preparing a new watermark for 2016. I like to design a new watermark for each year for a few reasons. First is it is a fun to make a fresh watermark and give some new life to my photography as a whole. But it also serves as a way to know at a glance what year an image was processed and posted.
I have blogged many times about the importance of watermarks and about the proper etiquette for the use of a watermark and last year I was called upon by an WordPress editor to contribute my opinions about how & why I use a watermark.
Honestly there is no true etiquette for the use; the creator can place it a he/she sees fit. However if the creator wants to give the viewer the most pleasurable viewing experience it is optimal that the watermark be placed in a way that does not distract from the main elements of the image. I have found a lower opacity mark placed in the lower right corner is my personal preference. I will sometimes move to the lower left corner or an upper corner if the images requires.
So many people are so worried about someone stealing their images when in fact I wish someone would steal my image. If someone steals your images it means (in most cases) that you have a really awesome image and the case in court is pretty much a done deal with a paycheck for you. BUT! Did you register your image with the library of congress? It is a very simple and cheap process. So more than worrying about the watermark you really should worry about registering all your images. Then if the image is stolen you have a lot more power over your burglar. Sure if you created the image it is yours, but you have to prove it and maybe you can. However when a police officer stops your car, you know it is your car, but he doesn’t. So you show him you “registration” and it makes life a lot easier.
Also congress last year passed a law actually making it illegal to remove a watermark from an image and that fine is a six figure fine if my memory serves me well.
Happy New Year everybody.

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