Old Photos (because memories are like days we don’t always have good ones…)

Remember Polaroids?

Remember Polaroids?

Photographs & Memories… a cliché? Maybe! It is also the name of one of my favorite 70’s albums. Talk about clichés, some clichés make me just want to puke and smack my head into a wall. How many times have I visited a photographer’s website and I click on the “About” page only to read some (so-called) prolific statement about “capturing time” or “capturing life moments” or “preserving moments in time” and blah blah blah… While “yes” I am mocking these statements but many times that “About” page sounds so damn hokey, same as the camera aperture symbol being used (most often) in the letter O on the photographer’s business card and logos. They (who ever “they” are) claim you should strive to be different to get ahead and get noticed and sometimes being different could be as easy as not vomiting verbally on your “About” page and just sticking to a statement that is naturally “you” or have somebody else write the statement like I chose to do.

Ok on to more serious things…

I feel that while technically a photograph is a moment frozen in time, captured if you will. But there is more to it than just that. So let’s just dive a little deeper and take a trip down memory lane. My hopes are that by the end of you reading this post you will go look at some of your own old photos whether they are in tangible albums or saved on a drive or in a cloud, go get lost in a memory.

You see a photo today that you captured yesterday and maybe it was a great image and you are happy to see it again. As the weeks pass it may lose a little feeling and soon it will start to wane and you’ll not look at it so much anymore. Or maybe you will see it every day because it is your profile or cover photo on your favorite form of social media. You see it every time you logon but you don’t really “notice” it, it’s like your feet, you know they’re there (somewhere… you hope) you just don’t think about them too much.

We have all heard a song from days gone by that triggers a memory. But if you are like me the song will not just trigger one single memory, it will open a window for you to look back and peer into your life and see the entire ambience around that time in your life. You will look well beyond the “moment captured in time” and the moment was just a key to unlock so much more. This is what old photographs do for me, they open a window and there is so much more to see then just that “moment captured in time” that is on your monitor or printed to a piece of paper. “Lost in a memory” can be a very emotional thing because memories are like days we don’t always have good ones, but we do have the images to remind us… good or bad. A picture is worth a thousand words but that one picture could be worth just as many memories too.

Now I know this sounds a little stupid but pictures have to be new before they can become old. My point is; go make some new pictures. Keep them safe and let them age.

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