Create Your Own Universe (sadly this is what we are doing and it is all wrong)

Your Universe

I wanted to post a really nice image I had taken of an old farm on a back country road. But I feel so sickened and saddened about what has happened this past week I just couldn’t do it. AS I sat here in disgust staring at the image on the monitors at my work station I grimaced at the words I had written when I created the image. The image is a night photo from last summer taken overlooking the farmland where I was living at the time, I of course added the meteor streaking across the sky and the word “Create Your Universe.” Personally I thought it very fitting to make it the static image for the desktop background. But today it took on another meaning as I reflect on the horrors in our media this past week.

The digital camera and the mobile phone camera with the ability of both to be able to capture still images and video have revolutionized our view of the world in which we live. In addition to the afore-mentioned we also have security cameras stationed in every conceivable location, looking you in the face at the ATM, high above on light poles and buildings, police cars, body cameras, really they are just about everywhere. I have 4 cameras inside the school bus I drive and I even have a traffic camera in my personal vehicle I drive for everyday use.

In light of the recent horrors we have seen in the news I feel without a doubt the cameras are for the good. The camera documents what happens and leaves little to the imagination. It certainly has changed the way many people perceive law enforcement officers and their behavior. In my opinion there are three kinds of officers, there is the “good, the bad and the stupid.” We know what good is and we know what bad is, but “stupid” as I call it are the ones who just do not have the mentality to be a law enforcement officer. While the video certainly documents it is then left up to humans to perceive and digest what was documented. This is where it gets strange and downright bizarre. Enter the “human factor” into any equation and you’ll never get the same answer twice.

What happened in Minnesota and Dallas this past week very much troubles me. As a nation it really does hurt to see the value of human life reduced to near nothing. Senseless killing of a human is something I only though took place at the hands of a serial killer, gangs and drug lords or in some foreign corrupt war stricken country. Trying to suppress the doomsday thoughts is hard when you see such senseless killing. From mass shooters to senseless police shootings and then the random killing of law enforcement as a retaliation is just plain sad to see. Coupled with the media outlets that have a hidden agenda and want to sway you to one side or the other depending on which outlet you follow, one’s hope falls even lower. All at the same time there is an election campaign in full swing and one candidate appears to be a patriot but says all the wrong things while the other candidate is more corrupt than Lucifer himself and is responsible for the death of Americans it really doesn’t look good. So yeah doomsday feelings run high.

What will save us from ourselves?

People complain about illegal immigration all the while the country thrives on undocumented workers. The government loves undocumented workers because many have a fake social security number and pay income tax. They can’t file a claim at the end of the year, but the government still lets them work and pay in. Many businesses big and small love this, as I hear local business men all the time saying “I don’t care if they’re legal or not, as long as my accountant say their SS number is good…” Are you one of those business owners? Meanwhile we all take up the cost of their healthcare.

Never before have we had a president that created something and forced each and every American to buy it or be fined… Obama Care. What will the next president force us to buy?

“Guns or no guns?” I personally feel anybody should be able to own a gun that is fit to own a gun. But many see guns as the problem and you’ll never change they’re mind. Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun; he used fertilizer and a truck, two very common things. You can make as many analogies as you like about guns vs no guns but the ignorance will never leave.

So what’s next? “Monsters on Maple Street?”

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