“Capture the moment” (…there still is a craft to be learned and honed to a finer edge.)


1/125 sec at f/5.0 ISO 100 70mm

1/125 sec at f/5.0 ISO 100 70mm

“Capture the moment” it is so cliché when we hear photographers talk about it. I read blogs and watch vlogs, have sat through countless hours of seminars and classes and I have that statement so many times I want to puke. Some photographers are like chefs in that they feel so passionate about what they do they think there techniques can cure cancer. “It’s a camera everybody has one” or in the case of a chef “its food… and you cook it.”

However with all that said there still is a craft to be learned and honed to a finer edge. This is what will rise you up above the average completion in whatever it is you do. Example; world-renowned photographer Joe McNally has risen to a level of success because he has honed his craft over a lifetime. So Mr. McNally can take a photo of someone changing a lightbulb and it becomes an iconic image. I know you’re thinking “but it is just someone changing any ole lightbulb” it is the red light on the antenna on the very tippy top of the Empire State Building. I guess you just have to be different!

So at the wedding I was photographing the other day I see all these people with their mobile phone camera capturing their images and I’m thinking (as I always do) “there they are all standing in group capturing pretty much the same exact image. Sure each will be a little different given the quality of the device they have and some might even edit their images to look even nicer. Meanwhile they are all in the way of the photographer the bride has hired and they are in the way of each other. While many photographers will complain about the iPhone worms I have learned to live with it and work past it. The biggest thing for me is I know full well I will come away with shots the average camera phone photographer will never be able to capture. Now I know I am no Joe McNally, but I do know that you need to “capture the moment” and you need to be a little different about it.

In the image above we see the bride looking at her groom who is holding his daughter, a very touching moment to say the least. However by using a 70-200mm lens mounted on a camera body with a full crop sensor (which by-the-way costs a tad bit more than even the most expensive iPhone) and standing in a spot where nobody would expect to stand I captured a very wonderful moment, and pretty well I might say.

The wedding was a lot of fun and as always to see two families come together and have so much fun is always an awesome thing.

Till next time… Thanks for reading.

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