Dressed for Church (She spoke in a very clear precise and perfectly enunciated voice, her voice matched her outfit…)

1/60 sec at f/3.5 ISO 160 50mm

1/60 sec at f/3.5 ISO 160 50mm

If you have been following my IG & Facebook you know I shot on location with Kendall Strampel on Sunday. And in Kendall’s true fashion she arrived fully prepared and we were off and running in no time at all, Kendall is a professional and amazing to work with. So as we were finishing up the first look inside of the old Quarry House I felt blessed that we had made it through the whole session without anyone interrupting us. Afterall we are in a public place and people are walking around outside. All of the sudden a white figure in the distance catches my eye. I look out the door and up the walkway I see this beautifully dressed lady coming towards us. She is moving rather quickly for her years and she looked as if she was on a mission. She opens the door and steps in and I greeted her with a smile and a big “good morning.” She stated she was there to look for an envelope that was left for her. I had seen the envelope and had actually been using it to bounce a speedlight flash while shooting Kendall. Once she had the envelope in hand she seemed relieved and I then remarked on her attire and told her she looked “amazing.” She humbly said she was on her way home from church. I immediately asked “would you mind if I took a picture of you?” She smiled and felt rather giddy. She spoke in a very clear precise and perfectly enunciated voice, her voice matched her outfit and it was as if she had stepped out of a classic novel from the 1950’s as an upper crust aristocrat. I almost wanted to laugh, but instead I knew I was in the presence of a really kind and wonderful soul. I asked her name and she straightened her posture and looked me straight in the eye and said in a crisp well spoken voice “Anna P Weinman” she pronounced “Anna” as “On-a.” I was in love she was just so cute. She posed and I fired the shutter with a burst of three and put the camera down.

So now I was in that awkward state of awkwardness… I asked her name then captured her image and now I already forgot her name. I knew I would be writing this post so I needed her name. I asked again “and your name is…” she again straightened her posture and said loudly but comically “Anna P as in Patrice, Weinman, Patrice being my professional name of course and she then smiled and laughed. She then looked at Kendall and back at me and asked if I was a newspaper photographer and I stated “no Kendall is my model and we are doing a shoot.” This then turned into a conversation about the history of the mill and the quarry house of which Anna and I knew so much about. It was so nice to see and meet someone with the same passion for local history as I have. Then I caught myself and I felt bad… Kendall is just standing there looking lost and I ended the conversation because I was being a little rude to the model. So Anna bid us good day and told us to “carry on.” She then whisked away as quick as she came and was gone. I could have talked with her for hours and maybe someday I will have that chance.

As a side note: There are many things a photographer must do to create a successful shoot. I say “create” because a good photo shoot doesn’t  “just happen” you work at it and you create it. Kendall had worked at it before she arrived, she was 100% prepared when she arrived. As a photographer one of the main things you must do is focus on your model whether it be male or female and make the person feel exactly that “a person” and not an object. You need good images that is your ultimate goal and it is your ultimate focus. However it is easy to get lost and lose focus as I did when Anna walked into our shoot. Sure asking to take her photos was ok, but starting up the conversation about the history and leaving the model hanging was wrong, I caught myself and corrected, apologized and moved on.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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